The word meaning of Der-Saadet:

‘Der Saadet’ comes from the combination of Farsi word ‘Der’ (Door) and the Arabic word ‘Saadet’ (Happiness), and it’s one of the oldest names of Istanbul City which had taken part in Ottoman Turkish with the meaning ‘The Door of the Happiness’. But afterwards, only Karaköy neighborhood had been called by that name, for being the first opposite shore of Istanbul from the Byzantine period and becoming a permanent and special gateway for those who leads a life of pleasure, wassailers and freewheelers.


What Der-Saadet means to us…

Karaköy has made a big change in our lives. Standing against and escaping from the ordinary system, we came here just to do what makes us happy. We are happy with producing, creating and doing useful works, and we want to live right this way. We tried to design a space where we can carry out our work in accordance with our principles, and come together with the people of advertising community who were seeking for a solution like us for years. In other words, Der-Saadet is our attempt to change happiness into an active verb instead of a passive one.


What Der-Saadet means to you…

It’s not possible for a person to be an expert on everything. With more than 10 years of sector experience, we had the chance to meet people who are experts in their subjects and duly perform their duties. While working on a brand communication; our target is to bring them together, to organize the most useful team and make the best we can, without losing our passion, being overwhelmed by needless procedures and empty titles.


Still asking why to choose Der-Saadet?

We opened a new door in our life.
Thinking that work has something to do with happiness,
we created our own system which makes both
sides happy. In other saying, we wanted to make
the door of our office, the door of happiness as well.

Come in and join us,
here is where business becomes happiness.

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