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Abdi İbrahim Naprosyn

Creative concept, all applications
and launching for the Naprosyn drug

February 2013

What, why, where did we do?

For the Naprosyn drug that is used against acute and chronicle pains; we got a brief regarding it has a confidential image but its perfect efficiency is not known in the public eye.

We used a homonymic Turkish word which means both
‘cut’ and ‘for sure’ at the same time, and also is used
for pains like ‘kill’ in English.

Based on the insight that people who suffers from pains,
get to a moment they would cut the aching parts to cut the pain (You may take it like ‘they get to a moment they would
kill themselves to kill the pain’), we wrote a motto rhyming with Naprosyn and easy to remember. While the violence
of the word ‘Kesin’ (cut) was offering an insight to its visual world, its doubleness helped a lot to play with its language.

For the launching of the new concept, we made teaser mailings for publicity to representatives right along with applications such as key visual, brochure and promotional materials. And special dressings in hotels, for the meetings and conferences of doctors, also were made.

On all the works, we wanted to make this conception rhyming with Naprosyn stay in mind by typographic games.