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Communication activities for the social responsibility project against child labor

July 2014

What, why, where did we do?

Progıda started a social responsibility project against child labor under the brand of Profındık, which supports nut producers. The company, who carried out projects such as making it possible to get child workers out of the fields,
if needed, without any deduction at their daily wedges and to open schools giving informal education for them;
made communication activities for building empathy and public sensibility as well.


We named the campaign ‘Gülen :) Yüzümüz Olsun’ (You can take it as ‘Let them be the smile on our face’). We fictionalized
it under the roof of a double-barreled discourse, which urges upon both analytical approach and the shameful side of the issue. So that we could do it constructively without offending anyone but also highlighting the seriousness of the subject.

Started with several posters and vinyl materials to be used in the region, the project will get bigger and bigger every year.